Episode 5! From Tenacity Brewery in Flint

Why do we go to church? Is voting for Trump really the morally correct decision for the Christian voter? Recorded from Tenacity Brewery in Flint, Jason and Alex catch up with owner Robb Klaty. We reminisce and share some of the good going on in downtown Flint, then we try to convince you to go to church from a brewery. The #asknypp question of the week lands us square in the belly of the beast of this year’s election and how the Christian should vote.

Want to give us feedback on this episode or ask us a question? Use the hashtag #asknypp to interact with us or send us an e-mail @ notyourpastorspodcast@gmail.com.  Ghostheads we would love to hear from you!

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Tenacity Brewery http://www.tenacitybrewing.com/
Table and Tap http://tableandtap.com/
Flint Crepe Company http://www.flintcrepe.com/
Merge http://www.mergeflint.com/
Find Jason’s article “God Please Blow Up your Church” @
Snowbird Songs – https://medium.com/@SnowbirdSongs

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