Is Bigfoot the New Jesus?

By Alex Reiman

It’s twilight deep in the forest. The sun is just about to disappear into the horizon. Right as the last light of day breaks through,a strange feeling comes over you. You have an encounter with something you can’t explain. You ask yourself, did that really happen? Could this be true? After the event you walk away changed for the rest of your life. That night in the forest was a turning point. Since then you can’t stop but tell everyone about your encounter. You spent sleepless nights studying and diving deep into all the facts about the strange event. Now here is the important question…did this person experience Jesus or Bigfoot?

They sound the same don’t they? A strange encounter. Something that is almost too hard to form sentences and explain. Yet you feel a desire to learn more, to study all the facts. The urge to tell others about your encounter or to put it another way “share your testimony”.. Then there is the conversion of your life after that moment.
I have been intrigued and utterly fascinated with Bigfoot lately. It all started when my friend Dave was interviewed on a podcast called “Don’t Feed the Trolls”. He described how one night in the back woods of Kentucky he had an encounter with the mythical creature. The creature was so “mythical” that it reached out and ripped his shirt! And he is not the only one.

Episode 10 The Halloween Special! Comes out this Friday (10/21/16). Jason’s Dad who had a Bigfoot encounter comes on to talk about the haunted house they grew up in! Don’t miss it!

The internet is filled with countless stories of Bigfoot encounters. If you type “Bigfoot” into a podcast search bar you will find dozens of podcasts solely devoted to the creature. YouTube has many videos of sightings (some real, some fake) of ape like creatures in North America. I think it is safe to say that Bigfoot is not just a legend but a celebrity! Then you have to consider that maybe it is all some big government conspiracy and that all the political elites know about Bigfoot but refuse to admit his existence. Which in fact makes Bigfoot even more desirable to those seeking him. All this to say that I am a believer in the creature named Sasquatch.

As I started to dive deeper into my research and tell all my friends and family about my new belief in an unidentified mammal that could be living in some near by woods, I had this thought. “What am I doing?” For real what was I doing? I sounded like a crazy person and to top it all off I tried to spiritualize it by saying that Bigfoot could somehow be related to a race of giants in the Bible known as the Nephilim. This is insanity I made Bigfoot the new Jesus of my life. Even though I had never seen one I was acting as if I had an encounter myself. The conviction in my soul wrecked me. It was like God was saying to me “I rescued you from the dark, brought you into the light, and made you a member of my family….and the only thing you’re telling people about is Bigfoot? Stop acting foolish, and get back on the right path.”

That made me think. As fun as it is to hear “Bigfoot Testimonies” they fail in comparison to hearing stories of people trapped by an addiction and being set free by Jesus. Or hearing about an inmate in a prison hearing about Jesus and completely changed his life around now he shares the message of hope with all his fellow inmates. To think a selfish punk kid like me heard about Jesus and my whole life changed is more significant than a Bigfoot story. Although the stories of Bigfoot encounters and people meeting Jesus in the woods are similar there is one HUGE difference.

Everyone who walks away from meeting Jesus receives the Holy Spirit! When you believe in Jesus as your savior the bible says that Holy Spirit dwells within you. In Paul’s letter to the Church in Ephesus he says that the Holy Spirit is our guarantee of our inheritance from God. Not only that, but once you do receive the Holy Spirit, certain aspects of your life begin to change. You start loving earnestly, offer patience abundantly, increase in gentleness, experience true joy, live in genuine peace, practice self control, foster goodness, and live more by faith and not sight.

What does Bigfoot offer? At best a grainy picture, video, or casting of a footprint if you’re lucky. All of which will be regarded as fake and made up by 95% of the people you show them to.

I still think Bigfoot is out there. I haven’t had encounter myself but it is fun to speculate. But the thing I know for sure is that I encountered Jesus one night. I looked up into the night sky and asked Him to be my savior and to forgive me of all my wrong doing. It was in that moment I felt a peace come over me. I felt a love that I had never felt before. My life had purpose and meaning now. Bigfoot can’t do that. In no way can he give you that kind of peace and love. At best he is an unidentified species living in the woods. Jesus on the other hand changes people’s lives forever. And that is a story worth telling.

Alex_headshot_160621 Thanks for reading! Let us know what you think about this article and feel free to contact us or reach out to us through our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! And don’t forget to catch episode 10 out this Friday!

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