Episode 11: Not Your Mama’s Pastor’s Podcast


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What happens when two podcasts with similar names that formed at the same time and reside in states that both start with the letter M join forces for a joint episode? A crap-ton of technical difficulties, a lot of laughs, and a semi-serious discussion erupt in what could only be done in two episodes. In part 1 of this pre-election recording with Not Your Mama’s Christian Podcast, we answer a #asknypp question on christian legislation and learn how Alex wishes he could breastfeed.

In part 2 of our joint episode, we talk about things we have learned since starting a podcast. We play “who said it”, where we see who can remember which podcast host said it. We do a Not Your Pastor’s favorite: Animal Facts for Jason. In Tip Top News, we talk about an awesome Lego set and a merman.

Visit, Like, Subscribe, and Love Not Your Mama’s Christian Podcast, and make sure to catch part two of this episode next Tuesday on their iTunes, SoundCloud, or Stitcher page!

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