No Room For Jesus

A thought by Alex Reiman

It was a cold wet day on March 4 1841, William Henry Harrison took the oath of office becoming the ninth president of the United States of America. He would die 30 days later of pneumonia and hold the title for the shortest presidency in our country’s history. On January 20, 1981 Ronald Reagan took the oath of office and became the 40th president and would go on to win a second term in the following election. He will always be remembered as one of the most conservative presidents in our recent history and his supporters often recall the glory days known as the “Reagan Years”. Two presidencies with two very different outcomes. But why is this important?

It is important because today we face another inauguration day. Today Donald J. Trump will become the 45th president and the feelings are mixed to say least. Some will look at him as he takes the oath and hope that he will break William Henry Harrison’s record for shortest presidential term. Others will look on and cheer with great sounds of joy because the Obama years are finally behind us and a more conservative government is taking its place. Whether hate or joy is running through your veins there is one thing missing, something that depending on who you talk to has recently left or has never really been around to begin with; Jesus.

If there is one thing that this political cycle has shown us or that social media has been a catalyst for, is that there is no more room for Jesus. Instead we have replaced Him with hate and undue praise.

“Trump is not my president and is the next Hitler!”

“Trump is finally here, we will make America great again!”

Both statements have one giant thing that link them together. These quotes show that Jesus is nowhere to be seen when the thoughts were generated in these people’s minds.

This is not a political blog this is a petition. It is for you dear reader whether hate or idolatry has been the food that your soul has been feasting on. I plead that you turn from these things! Hate and idolatry will destroy your heart. If we continue to look at Donald J. Trump to be our punching bag or our hero you will always be disappointed. That’s all he can do. Every president that has ever placed his hand on the Bible and taken that oath of office before God and the entire country has never kept it. They fail. Yet we still hate and we still praise.

For me today is neither hateful or glorious. Today I will weep because I have placed my hope in a mere man. Today I will shed tears because my anger has been wrongly placed. If hate has spewed from your lips or if hope has welled up in your soul because “your guy” won join me and asking our God for forgiveness. Forgiveness from making much of an event in finite history and leaving no room for Jesus. Social media today is filled with the thoughts of those who hate and praise. May it not be so for those who claim allegiance to the Lamb.

For those who hate let us love our enemy and pray for him. The only thing that can cure our hate is love. For those who have said “Crucify Him and give us Trump” may we pray that the throne of our soul would only have Jesus sit on it. We have no need for curses or a great America, all we need is Jesus.


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