23 | Crushing Stereotypes, Punching Nazis, and Building Community w Joel Rash

by Alex Reiman and Jason Duncan

Joel Rash has been putting on punk rock shows in Flint since 1985, and man, does he have some stories to tell! From punching Nazi skinheads in the 80’s to helping Flint bands make it big in the aughts, Joel has done it all. He also shares about Factory 2 a makerspace arriving soon in Flint. The church has a lot to learn from the punk rock scene and Jason shares how he learned how to love and accept people for who they are despite growing up in a christian conservative environment.



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  • Website: Flint Local 432
  • Website: Factory Two
  • Facebook: Flint Local 432
  • Twitter: @FlintLocal432
  • Music: Dead By Sunday
  • Music: Lingua Franca
  • Music: Empty Orchestra
  • Music: Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)
  • Music: The Swellers
  • Music: Power On Hold
  • Music: South Bay Bessie
  • Music: Anathallo
  • Band: Kinetic Stereokids
  • Band: Burnt Toast
  • Band: Oh My God
  • Band: The Hard Lessons
  • Band: Island View Drive
  • Band: Here in Tokyo
  • Band: The Silhouette
  • Band: Off Kilter
  • Band: Silence the Wake
  • Band: Army of Juan
  • Band: The Artfull Dodgers
  • Band: Kid Brother Collective
  • Band: Carson So Sorry
  • Band: Chiodos
  • Band: Another Misprint
  • Band: Odd Pike
  • Band: Flint Eastwood
  • Band: Coheed and Cambria
  • Band: My Chemical Romance
  • Band: Thrice
  • Band: Atreyu
  • Band: Fugazi
  • Band: Less Than Jake
  • Band: Soul Side
  • Band: Suicide Machines
  • Band: Bear Vs Shark
  • Band: Ninja Highschool
  • Band: The Bell Tree
  • Band: Ari Thanos
  • Business: Electronic Kitty
  • Business: Green Couch Games
  • Business: Flint Crepe Company
  • Business: 501 Bar and Grill
  • Business: Cork
  • Business: Blackstones
  • Business: Halo Burger
  • Business: Vehicle City Tacos
  • Business: Chubby Duck
  • Business: Royalty Tattoo
  • Business: Consolidated Ink and Steel
  • Business: Consolidated Barbershop
  • Business: MaMang
  • Business: Flint City T-Shrits
  • Record Label: Equal Vision Records
  • Record Label: LOOKOUT Records
  • Record Label: Dischord Records
  • Place: Flint Farmers Market
  • Place: Auto World
  • Place: Dort Motor Car Company
  • Place: Buckham Alley


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