Death is an Unnatural State | Episode 50

by Alex Reiman and Jason Duncan

Death: it’s the only guarantee in life, but it wasn’t supposed to be that way. Mankind wasn’t designed to die, mankind was designed to live forever. Death is such a part of life that it’s hard to picture life without death. In fact, death has such a hold on us, that your view of it, determines how you live your life. Some work hard to leave something for their offspring. Some enjoy every last moment while they can. Some give up because they find no point to life.

Enter in Jesus, a man who died, and three days later rose from the grave. Showing mankind for all of history that there is victory over death. Death doesn’t have the final say, their is something after it, life continues. His story is so profound that His legend has transcended generation after generation for over 2,000 years. Til this day, believers in the resurrection still gather on Sunday morning to cling together in remembrance and in hope of His story, and that in and of itself is miraculous.

Listen in as Alex and Jason discuss death and frankly make a lot of mistakes while speaking because they both stayed up too late watching Stranger Things 2 the night before.



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