Why Was Jesus Baptized? Why are We? (podcast)

by Alex Reiman and Jason Duncan

Grow up in church? How many times have you been baptized? Sprinkled? Dunked? What’s baptism for? Is baptism essential for salvation? Why do some people choose never to get baptized? And why in the world was Jesus baptized? Was it for the remission or forgiveness of his sins? Jason has actually had the privilege to visit the baptism of site of Jesus… both of them! (follow us on Instagram to see pictures). It seems the deeper we submerge our heads under the topic of baptism the more crazy it gets! The guys try to clear up some confusion around the church practice as they also share their preaching and teaching fails on the subject.


What’s your baptism story? We’d love to hear it and read it on an upcoming show! Reach out to us on one of or social media outlets or shoot us an e-mail.

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