Growing Up in Flint Town – Episode 65

by Alex Reiman and Jason Duncan

With Netflix releasing the documentary Flint Town, we thought it would the perfect time to re-release our interview with Ernesto and Tony who grew up in Flint, left Flint, and have since returned to Flint. This interview was recorded last year, on the same day Trump gave his inauguration speech. Flint is our podcasting home. It’s where Alex lives, it’s where we record, it’s where Jason grew up on the weekends with his Dad. This city is special to us. Over the next several months we’ll periodically throw out our opinion on the Flint Town documentary and its impact on the city. We hope you enjoy this re-release, and we hope Ernesto and Tony’s story telling make you laugh as much as it did us!

Check out the Redrum Theatre podcast , and if you’re in the Flint area, stop in at Flint City Church

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