Hey, guys. Jason Here,

If you haven’t figured out by now, Alex and I are not pastors. Other than pursuing the title for a number years, reading some books, and teaching/ preaching occasionally, we have no formal education (some tell us this is a good thing).

In other words, we didn’t make it.

Call it dropping out, call us quitters, maybe we lack a higher faith, or maybe we’re just being disobedient to a calling. Regardless, we did learn something about pastors, their job is ridiculously hard. They counsel, they preach, they teach, they say goodbyes at funerals and in hospitals, they consistently receive horrifying news by those they love at horrible moments, they live in a goldfish bowl under intense pressure to get everything right, they often can’t be themselves, they are humans entrusted with the impossible task of sharing a perfect gospel in their sin stained clothes, and aside from a handful of mega pastors, most live on food stamps, without medical insurance, at wages that would test the greatest of faiths. They have it hard!

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if pastors, could just be themselves, what if they could swear, what if they could make mistakes and be forgiven, what if they could have a gin and tonic after a terrible funeral and not feel guilt or judged. What if come Sunday morning, they could just sit down and truly listen to others about all the amazing work that God is doing around them outside of the hustle of ministry, meetings, and church politics. What if the congregation came to the amazing realization that Jesus is the pastor, and that each and every believer was part of a holy priesthood, and that this guy who gets up in front once week… is just a guy?

That is what Alex and I do. Rather than preach from our podcasting “pulpit” doctrine you probably already know. We step back and we listen. We invite guests on who have experience in areas that we do not, from backgrounds we aren’t from, all in the hopes of gaining a perspective of Jesus we otherwise wouldn’t have. We also invite you, the listener, to speak from our pulpit. We have so much to learn, and we hope you’ll learn with us as we have fun and get serious and live this crazy short life together.

Alex_headshot_160621Alex Reiman is a former church worker in Flint MI. He has a deep connection to classic rock and christian metal. He also loves Jesus.

Jason_headshot_160621Jason Duncan is a bi-vocational parachurch preacher who sometimes plays in bands. He knows shockingly very little about animals, and way too much about hockey.