069 | A Solution To Politically Divided Pews with Dr. Leeman

068 | Wait, Did We Just Become Foster Parents?

067 | You’re Not Called! with Jamie the Very Worst Missionary

066 | Love the Art, Hate the Artist (Christians and Pop Culture)

065 | Growing Up in Flint Town (Redrum Re-Release)

064 | Doomsday and the Nazi Locust Army Hiding in the Hollow Earth

063 | The Eucharist and Communion and Lord’s Supper, OH MY!

062 | Why Was Jesus Baptized? Why are We?

061 | Selfishly Changing the World with Justin Dillon

060 | Church, Singles, and the Idolatry of Marriage with Joy Beth Smith

059 | Wait… Are We Saved?

058 | An Interview With Two Alien Abductees

057 | Jed and Giant Nephilim (A podcast with Church and Other Drugs)

056 | Facebook live Christmas Special!

055 | Christian Consumerism, Church Shopping, and Buyers Remorse

054 | Beating Seasonal Depression with Sarah Fader

053 | Bringing Down Broadway

052 | Thanksgiving Survival Tips with Hillary McBride 

051 | Evil, Guns, and the Gospel

050 | Death is an Unnatural State

049 | Are Ghosts Demons? with Inglorious Pasterds and RedRum Theatre

048 | Brian from The Sing Team!

047 | Abortion is NOT an Unforgivable Sin with Sarah Dismore

046 | Conspiracies, Cover-Ups, and Conversions

045 | Are Conservatives Persecuted? with Probably Wrong Podcast

044 | Hope After Loss with Laura Pruneau

043 | Finding Masculinity with Dan Taylor

042 | Dreams with Friends Interpreted by Sarah Fader

041 | Church Plant Repentance w/ Jason Kotarski

040 | An Error Free Episode on Biblical Inerrancy

039 | Patriotism Not Nationalism and Alex’s Jabba Eye

038 | From Pastor to a Psych Ward with Author Steve Austin

037 | It’s All Gonna Burn! (Biblical Minimalism)

036 | Eagleton vs Complimentarianismismsism: A Bible Blasters Episode

035 | Is Alex a Feminist Yet? with Holly of Method Theology

034 | Brave, Bold, and Fierce Women of Scripture with Pastor Alice

033 | Body Shaming, Porn, and Trump w Feminist Therapist Hillary McBride

032 | Jason Accidentally Married a Feminist with Jess Duncan

031 | Jason is a 9 and Alex is Jerk-Conservative

030 | #ThisIsWhatAnxietyFeelsLike with Sarah Fader

029 | Everyone Loves Sex: So Why Wait? with Bryan Sands

028 | Not Today Legalism with Brandon Andress

027 | Rubbing Out a Porn Episode with Dan Taylor

026 | Pulpit Launch!

025 | Faith, Prozac, and Therapy Are My Trinity

024 | Tisk Tisk Evangelist

023 | Crushing Stereotypes, Punching Nazis, and Building Community w Joel Rash

022 | Pastor Disaster

021 | Human Value, Sex Trafficking, and the Gospel

020 | Redemption Through Addiction w Church and Other Drugs

019 | Growing Up in Flint w Ernesto and Tony of Redrum Theatre

018 | Crucifying Politics w/ Author Keith Giles

017 | From Miracles to Exorcism: Stories of Commanding Prayer

016 | A BeanBoozled 2016

015 | The Church of Roller Derby wsg Flint Roller Derby

014 | Pastors Out to Pasture w/ the Inglorious Pasterds

013 | Walking a Mile in a Catholic’s Shoes w Tim Goodrich

012 | Why Satan (Not Trump) Won the Election

011 | Not Your Mama’s Pastor’s Podcast

010 | 1st Annual Halloween Special! w/ Jonathan Diener and David Duncan

009 | Unchurching with Author Richard Jacobson Pt 2

008 | Unchurching with Author Richard Jacobson Pt 1

007 | Jesus the Messiah or Jesus the Rip-off?

006 | We Just Got Out of Prison w/ Doc Johnson & Pastor Chuck

005 | Beer, Church, Trump from Tenacity Brewery in Flint w/ Robb Klaty

004 | Did Jesus Call You by Name or Number? / The Production of Church

003 | I Went to a Christian School and Didn’t Get Saved

002 | The Homeschool Rapture wsg Superintendent Sean Costello

001 | Pilot / Is Pokemon the Mark of the Beast? / Surviving Church


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