by Alex Reimen and Jason Duncan

As we make a humble attempt at writing,  we hope to provide you with some short thoughts of  encouragement, reflection, and silliness.

021 | Jesus is Born and Bethlehem Mourns

020 | Can Christians Play Metal?

019 | The Great Connection

018 | Why in the Hell Should Christians Share the Gospel?

017 | Choked Out By Consumerism minimalism series

016 | A Male Perspective on Christian Feminism

015 | Porn isn’t a Problem in Church, It’s a Sh*tty Solution!

014 | Getting Rid of Toys minimalism series

013 | Re-moving Into Our House minimalism series

012 | Trimming the Excess minimalism series

011 | Going Minimalist | series intro

010 | No Room For Jesus

009 | Why Rogue One Reminded Me God Loves Us

008 | Alex Talks to Arnold!

007 | Is Bigfoot the New Jesus?

006 | The Answer For Doubt

005 | The Search for Authentic Worship pt 2

004 | The Search for Authentic Worship

003 | The Homeschool Rapture

002 | Fall in Love the With the Church…Again pt.2

001 | Fall In Love with the Church…Again pt.1


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